Thursday, July 19, 2007

Will work for food, blockbuster tickets, free make-up, ice-cream, etc.

I feel very blessed to have not only one job but TWO jobs that I absolutely LOVE. I believe all of you know I do in home parties for women, called Slumber Parties. Then I also work as a Chiropractic Assistant. That's what I'm talking about today.

It was kinda a fluke that I got the job. I had been browsing the paper for a part time job back in Jan. and found a title saying "receptionist for Dr's office." I called left my info as the ad said to do then received a call back to go in for an interview. When I got there to my surprise it was a group interview with about 8 other people. We filled out the application, then proceeded to take quizzes like long division, filing, and things like "Are you a: boat drifting in the ocean, a tree swaying in the storm, or a horse galloping through the field?" I thought this was pretty fun and interesting for an interview. The Dr. called a few days later and said that he had decided to offer the job to someone else and thanked me for my time.

Maxx and I got married in the next couple weeks and then,on Wed, the day after our wedding. I received a call back from the Dr. saying that the other person didn't work out and he would like to offer me the job. I waited till Thurs to call back and accept then started on Fri. My title is an assistant as I'm in charge of ins billing, coding, & verification; doing therapies w/ patients; as well as a few other things. Going into this job I not only had no idea about insurance (I didn't even know what a deductible was) I had no idea what Chiropractor's did. Luckily I'm a quick learner, and newly FIRM believer in getting adjustments.

This is by far the best work environment I've ever been in. I had worked in about 5 different salons and always enjoyed that but there's always so much Drama and if you're the receptionist everyone complains to you. There's no drama at the office plus there are several other perks.

We start out most every day with a prayer, the music selection is great everything from classical to Micheal Buble to Harry Connick Jr to Christian (which always reminds me of going to camp and singing w/ the youth group). Plus if we meet certain goals each week or month then I get gift cards to places like Sephora, Blockbuster, Andy's frozen custard, Panera Bread, Starbucks, or cash. And, with the seldom exception of a holiday, we only work on Mon. Wed. and Fri. Which means that I always get tomorrow off if I work today. That's super because I'm not a morning person so if I wake up early for work then I don't have to the next day. It's not like working 5 days a week where you tell yourself that it's Monday which is basically Tuesday which is practically Wednesday and then Thursday doesn't really count nor Friday, so basically Monday is already the weekend.

So really long post to say simply I love my job, for the first time I feel like I'm working for someone who not only appreciates me but is also the type of person who is honest in their work. If anybody needs a job work for a Chiropractor, it's GREAT!

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Allison said...


I'm so glad that you enjoy your job so much! I remember you telling me the story about how it all came together a couple of months ago, but the true happiness and enjoyment I can tell you derive from your job was expressed through this post...I enjoyed reading it and if I am ever looking for a career change, I may look into it. Hehe.