Friday, July 20, 2007

I've Been Bit

Noel and Celeste brought it to my attention a couple months ago that Sarah Jessica Parker was launching her own clothing line called Bitten. As excited as I was to begin with I was elated when I found out that every item in her collection was under $20!!! I also knew that the items were only going to be sold in one store, but didn't know which one. I figured it'd be somewhere like H&M that we don't have in Springfield, and that (last I knew) didn't offer online shopping. Finally tonight I goggled it. Low and Behold her collection is at Steve & Barry's!!! Which we have at the Battlefield Mall!!!! You're able to view the whole collection online (see the link at right), complete with the prices and number of colors they come in!!! Not only was every piece under $20, I didn't see a piece that was above $15. For any of you who know me I'm A BARGIN SHOPPER. I turned down a pair of Banana Republic jeans last weekend which origonally sold for $60+ on sale for like $33 because I thought that was too expensive. So having numerous wardrobe pieces all for $20 or less is a dream, And she has over 200 items, Lots available in a ton of colors, Plus she has jeans, slacks, tees, dresses, blouses, purses, shoes, swimsuits, pajamas, and under ware, And they're all in sizes 2-20!!!!! Does any one know what this could do to the world? Not only is it inexpensive, but you can easily wear the items to work, school, out with friends, or around the house. The world as we know it may just change for the better. Dave Ramsey needs to check this out. People need to buy clothes and now we have the option to do it AND get out of debt. Are you excited?!?! Although I've only been in Steve & Barry's once they better watch out cause HERE I COME! Next month I'll write about how every body in the store knows my name. Hey I take back the I will work for food, starbucks, blockbuster, etc. Bring on the Steve & Barry's gift cards.


Jason said...

Yeah, Dave Ramsey is always talking about how you have to budget clothes, and I always think how I'm glad I don't have to buy clothes very often :) A pair of my shorts just gave out the other night while I was bowling. Usually when something gets holes in it that's how I know it is time to replace it.

Allison said...

I knew that Jason would respond to your Dave Ramsey reference, hehe!

I'm almost in tears right now, because I just clicked on the link for the clothes, and, sure enough, there are no Steven & Barry stores anywhere in Oregon!! I was so excited about the possiblity of $20 or less clothes, but I guess I'll just have to wait and go on a shoppping spree everytime I'm in MO. Sad panda.

Oh, Janelle, my email addy is Feel free to email me anytime!

Noel said...

Yes! That is awesome! I think Seth Godin would appreciate what she's doing too. I can't wait to see some of them myself.