Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 and 3

Long before the movie "23" came out, which I have not seen, the numbers 2 and 3 have had great meaning in my life. I was born at 10:22 p.m. and Gaitha's birthday is October 22. I discovered that my birth number, the number associated with my birthday is 2. My parents have essentially 2 sets of 3 kids. Yesterday I discovered that my birth card is the 3 of spades. 1/3 is my favorite fraction, and when folding things I always fold them three times, if folding a towel then I fold it three times and then three times again, which is 2 sets of three. Maxx and I got married on the 23 which was decided after doing research as to what our numerological numbers for 2007 would be, I was a 2, Maxx was a 3. Plus the 23 happened to be, according to Japanese culture the luckiest day to get married. When my name was Janelle Rene Green I had 2 "e's" and one "n" in each name, now that I'm Janelle Rene Hatzenbuehler I still have 1 "n" in each name and now 2 "e's" in my first 2 names and 3 "e's" in my last name. E is the fifth letter of the alphabet which is 2 + 3. I'm a Libra which sign is the scales, scales have 2 sides. I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to these numbers or why these numbers are so drawn to me but I find it very interesting that all research shows they are prominent numbers in my life and before I knew that I already felt a bond with the numbers 2 & 3.

Our Dallas Vacation

Maxx and I had a wonderful day in Dallas yesterday. Actually we were in Springfield, but make-believing we were in Dallas. It started with us going to brunch with Mother and Daddy & Noel and Celeste at Blue Plate. I pointed out after we left that we NEVER went to brunch with family unless we were in Dallas and that I was going to make-believe we were on vacation for the rest of the day. I asked Maxx if he would like to join me and he accepted. After our wonderful family brunch we ventured to the mall so I could use my Sephora gift card on a new make-up item I had been wanting. I purchased the Benefit "That Gal", a make-up primer which can also be used instead of foundation to give your skin an even glowing look, and can also be used to refresh your make-up through out the day. Since we were on vacation I also decided to splurge on some Benefit lipstick, so I purchased the Candy Store color. I had been using the cheap lipstick that I sell with Slumber Parties and it tasted like old Halloween make-up.

After leaving Sephora we browsed the mall some more but made no further purchases. We needed to make sure we had enough gas money to make it back to Springfield. We then went to Renaissance Book Store, which was just as hard to find as a place might be in Dallas. But finally we arrived. There we browsed the store for about 30 minutes, Maxx bought a book he had been wanting and some crystals for the fung shui of the house, he also purchased a bookmark for me. It was my birth card which is the 3 of clubs and also happens to be Maxx's birth card. This was interesting because out of the 52 possible cards only about 5 birthdays of the year share the same one. I purchased some Gypys Goddess Money Drawing Oil, which normally I would have decided not to buy but we were on vacation. Plus it was only $10, and I love the scent. It has patchouli, sandlewood, ginger and cinnamon in it and it must work because this morning I received a phone order from a previous guest at a party.

Once we finally left Renaissance I told Maxx that since we were on vacation it might be nice to have a tropical frozen drink from Tropical Liquers. He agreed so we went down town to Trops. It had been ages since we had their frozen drinks. I decided on a Tropical Sunburn and Maxx got the Tropical Sunburn mixed with Tiger Paw. We sat for a couple hours and chatted with friends as well as making some new friends. Upon arriving back at our resting place for the evening we just hung out and watched some t.v., it was nice not to worry about any house work that might normally be on our minds. Overall it was one of the best vacations we've ever had. I highly, and I'm sure Maxx would too, recommend taking a day out of your normal lives to enjoy a make-believe vacation of your own.

Next month we're Paris bound, complete with an afternoon coffee and spending the day at a quaint little bookstore reading whatever tickles our fancy. I just hope we can understand the locals.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bang for your Butts

A couple months ago I called the 1.800 number for Camel Cigarettes to see if there was any thing Maxx and I could do with our close to 1000 camel cash that we had saved over the last 3+ years. I had been very solid in my belief that we needed to save them until we had enough to get something really cool. Well they discontinued the program about the time that I was ready to indulge in some not-so-free items. I was however hopeful that maybe they had some items still available. No such luck, but the customer service guy said he would put a gift in the mail since I took time to call.

Now it's no surprise that cigarette companies prefer women customers over men. I guess they think that we have more decisive power in a household over the male. I am always getting zippo's, great coupons, and ashtrays from not only Camel, but other companies who are wanting to convert me to their brand. Maxx never gets anything, except maybe lame coupons.

About a week ago I got yet another ashtray that weighs about 3 pounds, that same day I also got my free gift. This is possibly the funniest thing I've ever received in the mail. It's a pocket ashtray. Like the one pictured above but mine is a light beige and on one side it says "Thank You" and has some flower thing. The great thing about this is that it looks like something straight out of a 1975 Holiday Inn. I'm going to call the customer service lots more to try and stock up just because it's so funny. It wouldn't be so great if it didn't look as dated as it does. I must say I have more ashtrays than I'll ever need and I'm sure they won't stop coming. Oh well as least I have a place for my butts.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life is Funny - So Laugh

I've found that the moment you decide to laugh at yourself life becomes much more entertaining. I'm pretty well known for making silly mistakes or having random things happen to me that probably wouldn't happen to anyone else. I've decided that this is because I can accept these things as being funny and not embarrassing. Here are a few examples:

I was walking downtown and waved really big to a motorcyclist who was waving at me. . . except he was really just signaling to make a right turn

After purchasing my first pair of Sarah Jessica Parker's jeans I wore them out of the mall, which I had to walk all the way through to the other end. Once I got to my next destination I realized that I failed to take the back pocket tag off

Maxx & I were out to dinner with friends once and I had to go pee. Someone was in the restroom forever and I couldn't hold it and wet my pants. Then a couple came out of the bathroom, my jeans were only half wet so I wet them the rest of the way in the sink and hoped no one would notice (they were dark and really tight already). Then Maxx put his hand on my leg and was like "YOU'RE WET" so I made up a story about how they got dirty in the bathroom and I had to wash them in the sink. I could've just been like "we have to go NOW" but that would have been too easy and not Janelle. I've since told the truth.

I am continually running late and decide to take a short cut, which inevitably gets me lost and driving in circles till I reach the entering spot of the short cut again and thus run even later

I've given up telling jokes and leave it to Noel. If I try by the time I get to the punchline I'm laughing too hard to finish, that just makes everyone upset

I know I've had several other "janelleities" including the time I thought very deeply at Thanksgiving and told Noel "Hey all of us kids have an older brother and an older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister, except me. . . and Leland. . . and Jason. . . and Barry. . . and Gaitha. . . . . . Hey you're the only one who has an older brother and an older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister" We hadn't eaten yet so I couldn't even blame it on the treptiphen.

You're more than welcome to add other odd things I've done after all life is funny - so laugh.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm A Rockstar

In the year 2020 we will only be watching each other on television. Does anyone realize the amount of reality shows there are on t.v.? The next one is going to be titled "America's Next Big Idol American Real Star Singles Chef." We've run out of ideas as a country and it's not good. And struggling for ideas is not a good idea. To prove it here are some examples of trying:

Rock of Love - featuring Bret Micheal's as he searches for love

Scott Biao is 45 and Single - speaks for itself

The Simple Life - Paris and Nichole try to learn. . . (side-note: Monica I hope we didn't look like this at GVBC)

The Pick-Up Artist - Some Guy

The Girls Next Door - Hugh's 90 and dating

Making the Band 4 - P Diddy was feeling left out

And some random shows we watch which are also reality

Big Brother 8


Road Rules

The Amazing Race

The Captain Master

Real World

Engaged & Underage

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Of

America's Next Top Model

Model Life

Miami Ink

L.A. Ink

American Chopper

Monster Garage

Trick my Truck

Parental Control

Sadly the list goes on. . . and on. . . and on. . .