Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life is Funny - So Laugh

I've found that the moment you decide to laugh at yourself life becomes much more entertaining. I'm pretty well known for making silly mistakes or having random things happen to me that probably wouldn't happen to anyone else. I've decided that this is because I can accept these things as being funny and not embarrassing. Here are a few examples:

I was walking downtown and waved really big to a motorcyclist who was waving at me. . . except he was really just signaling to make a right turn

After purchasing my first pair of Sarah Jessica Parker's jeans I wore them out of the mall, which I had to walk all the way through to the other end. Once I got to my next destination I realized that I failed to take the back pocket tag off

Maxx & I were out to dinner with friends once and I had to go pee. Someone was in the restroom forever and I couldn't hold it and wet my pants. Then a couple came out of the bathroom, my jeans were only half wet so I wet them the rest of the way in the sink and hoped no one would notice (they were dark and really tight already). Then Maxx put his hand on my leg and was like "YOU'RE WET" so I made up a story about how they got dirty in the bathroom and I had to wash them in the sink. I could've just been like "we have to go NOW" but that would have been too easy and not Janelle. I've since told the truth.

I am continually running late and decide to take a short cut, which inevitably gets me lost and driving in circles till I reach the entering spot of the short cut again and thus run even later

I've given up telling jokes and leave it to Noel. If I try by the time I get to the punchline I'm laughing too hard to finish, that just makes everyone upset

I know I've had several other "janelleities" including the time I thought very deeply at Thanksgiving and told Noel "Hey all of us kids have an older brother and an older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister, except me. . . and Leland. . . and Jason. . . and Barry. . . and Gaitha. . . . . . Hey you're the only one who has an older brother and an older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister" We hadn't eaten yet so I couldn't even blame it on the treptiphen.

You're more than welcome to add other odd things I've done after all life is funny - so laugh.


Jason said...

I can never think of an example, but when you were little you would remember a joke based on the meaning involved, but not really get the "pun" or whatever made it a joke. So you would retell it, and the story would be the same, but it was no longer a joke. We got so tickled at you because of that.

Noel said...

Oh man those made me laugh out loud every one of them.

I remember you telling jokes like Jason said too... that was great! Sometimes I wish I could tell them like that now. I think it would help keep people in their place.

That one about the jeans was my favorite... I think. But man, they were all so great! You're just such a great blogger!!

Barefoot in Memphis said...

The restaurant w/ Maxx wasn't the first time you've peed your pants b/c you were laughing so hard - remember the photo booth at the mall when we were in high school? You are one of my favorite people to laugh w/ hands down!