Monday, August 18, 2008

I don't get it

It started with Monica letting me know that our high school class had a myspace page to try and get a reunion set up. That meant I had to join myspace, then I had to join facebook for some reason that I no longer remember (even though it was just yesterday). Now I can see the benefit of being on both sites to connect with old friends and whatnot. But this morning I come up to check my e-mail and I have like 10 friend requests for facebook, which is great I like being friends. So I add those and then it's like "hey you might know these people" so I add those people. Then it's like "Joshua battled Kelly with his Torture Deamon the Third" WHAT?!?!?! WHY?!?!? And it's a whole list, "Kelly fought back with her Ninja Princess" I thought facebook was a little better than myspace because you didn't have all the "Can you beat my Disney Movie Quiz Score" things that take up 30 feet of your page. But upon going to someone's page I see that they have a plethera of "gifts" and "fantasy characters" and other, I'm sorry but, crap. So I'm a little confused. Who has the time? I mean really, it took me like an hour to add my friends and friends of friends, plus I had to look up the Golden Girls theme song on top of that. I'm exhausted and still need to shower. I think Noel said it best when he said "Yay! Facebook sucks... it takes up time, connects you to friends you've lost long ago, and everything else. I love it." I'm possibly a little scared for myself, what if I get spun into the world of creating my own characters, and constantly updating my myspace mood and next thing I know it's 3 a.m. and I haven't taken the dog out to pee. That would be a bad dream, like when you dream that you're getting ready for something and you can't find what you want to wear and then you totally miss out on whatever it was. So I don't get it, and I don't think I want to get it. By all means though please let me know when you have a baby, or move, or get married, but I don't need to know how much money you'd pay for me if I were your pet, or what kind of rockstar I am or any of the other usless things someone has taken time to create for other people to pass along. I don't even want to take time to add songs to my myspace, or photos of my life. It's my life, I'm Janelle, married to Maxx, have a dog Aspen, and work for myself. There that's the just of it, if you want to talk e-mail me, or better yet call me. Let's meet for coffee. I'd much rather meet for coffee dressed up as a vampire and play Skip-bo than waste 2 hours battleing each other back and forth online as our "Demon Selfs". On to happier thoughts:

So I wake up this morning and the coffee pot is still on and the coffee is still hot which is awesome. Then for my second cup I have to microwave it, but I do it for too long so I have to put ice in it to cool it down. I need my coffee at the perfect temp, I want it to be hot but not hot enough to burn my tongue and I want it to stay hot long enough to finish my whole cup (which is usually less time than it takes to smoke a cigeratte). For some reason I need to have some cigeratte left after the coffee is gone, it's like my blankey of adulthood and very comforting to me. I think they should make a programable coffee maker where you can enter in the temp you would like your coffee brewed at. Say 101 degrees for instance. It shouldn't be that hard to do, and I have no idea what 101 degree coffee would be like, that might be extremely hot to drink so I guess it would be a little trial and error, but none the less.