Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Dallas Vacation

Maxx and I had a wonderful day in Dallas yesterday. Actually we were in Springfield, but make-believing we were in Dallas. It started with us going to brunch with Mother and Daddy & Noel and Celeste at Blue Plate. I pointed out after we left that we NEVER went to brunch with family unless we were in Dallas and that I was going to make-believe we were on vacation for the rest of the day. I asked Maxx if he would like to join me and he accepted. After our wonderful family brunch we ventured to the mall so I could use my Sephora gift card on a new make-up item I had been wanting. I purchased the Benefit "That Gal", a make-up primer which can also be used instead of foundation to give your skin an even glowing look, and can also be used to refresh your make-up through out the day. Since we were on vacation I also decided to splurge on some Benefit lipstick, so I purchased the Candy Store color. I had been using the cheap lipstick that I sell with Slumber Parties and it tasted like old Halloween make-up.

After leaving Sephora we browsed the mall some more but made no further purchases. We needed to make sure we had enough gas money to make it back to Springfield. We then went to Renaissance Book Store, which was just as hard to find as a place might be in Dallas. But finally we arrived. There we browsed the store for about 30 minutes, Maxx bought a book he had been wanting and some crystals for the fung shui of the house, he also purchased a bookmark for me. It was my birth card which is the 3 of clubs and also happens to be Maxx's birth card. This was interesting because out of the 52 possible cards only about 5 birthdays of the year share the same one. I purchased some Gypys Goddess Money Drawing Oil, which normally I would have decided not to buy but we were on vacation. Plus it was only $10, and I love the scent. It has patchouli, sandlewood, ginger and cinnamon in it and it must work because this morning I received a phone order from a previous guest at a party.

Once we finally left Renaissance I told Maxx that since we were on vacation it might be nice to have a tropical frozen drink from Tropical Liquers. He agreed so we went down town to Trops. It had been ages since we had their frozen drinks. I decided on a Tropical Sunburn and Maxx got the Tropical Sunburn mixed with Tiger Paw. We sat for a couple hours and chatted with friends as well as making some new friends. Upon arriving back at our resting place for the evening we just hung out and watched some t.v., it was nice not to worry about any house work that might normally be on our minds. Overall it was one of the best vacations we've ever had. I highly, and I'm sure Maxx would too, recommend taking a day out of your normal lives to enjoy a make-believe vacation of your own.

Next month we're Paris bound, complete with an afternoon coffee and spending the day at a quaint little bookstore reading whatever tickles our fancy. I just hope we can understand the locals.


Noel said...

You are SUCH a good writer!!! The "Halloween" make-up comment, and "understanding the locals" to finish it up was so great!

We might have to do this on Monday for Labor day. We were trying to think of something fun to do, but didn't want to travel. Maybe we'll travel in our minds. :)

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! I am tired of actual travel, but since I love to travel, a make believe travel day sounds great! vb-colleen's mom ( I read Noel's blog & his comments & curiosity about yours led me here! :) I enjoyed reading it, too!