Friday, August 24, 2007

Bang for your Butts

A couple months ago I called the 1.800 number for Camel Cigarettes to see if there was any thing Maxx and I could do with our close to 1000 camel cash that we had saved over the last 3+ years. I had been very solid in my belief that we needed to save them until we had enough to get something really cool. Well they discontinued the program about the time that I was ready to indulge in some not-so-free items. I was however hopeful that maybe they had some items still available. No such luck, but the customer service guy said he would put a gift in the mail since I took time to call.

Now it's no surprise that cigarette companies prefer women customers over men. I guess they think that we have more decisive power in a household over the male. I am always getting zippo's, great coupons, and ashtrays from not only Camel, but other companies who are wanting to convert me to their brand. Maxx never gets anything, except maybe lame coupons.

About a week ago I got yet another ashtray that weighs about 3 pounds, that same day I also got my free gift. This is possibly the funniest thing I've ever received in the mail. It's a pocket ashtray. Like the one pictured above but mine is a light beige and on one side it says "Thank You" and has some flower thing. The great thing about this is that it looks like something straight out of a 1975 Holiday Inn. I'm going to call the customer service lots more to try and stock up just because it's so funny. It wouldn't be so great if it didn't look as dated as it does. I must say I have more ashtrays than I'll ever need and I'm sure they won't stop coming. Oh well as least I have a place for my butts.

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