Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fashion Philosophy

I've had several Fashion Philosophy's in my life. When I was seven I thought it was crucial I change outfits every 30 minutes. This led to, I'm sure, several upsets with my best friend Kari as she had to wait on me to change before we could play Barbie. I lost all fashion sense through my 6th grade year as I only wore knit pants with an elastic waist and some over sized shirt of Noel or Jason's. Upon entering 7th grade through high school I became very interested in what I wore and when I wore it. My philosophy then was (due to the alternating schedule of having M-W classes and Tu-Thurs classes and every class on Fri) I could wear an outfit on a M or W then 2 weeks after that I could wear the same outfit on Tu or Thurs then two weeks after that I could wear the outfit on a Fri. This was very time consuming as I kept track of my daily fashion on my calender to the last detail.

I had given up on my home-sewn fashion philosophy's until Friday. Upon my 6 month review at the Dr's office I received a very gracious bonus check. With that check I was quick to announce some of it was going to S.J.P.'s new line Bitten. After work I went straight to the mall but I needed mascara from Sephora, so my walk to Steve & Barry's was long across the mall. Now I'm not really sure why I did this; possibly it was over excitement, or the fact that my shoes had shred my ankle in half, but for some reason or another I bought a size larger than I needed. Now I had already decided to get two pair of the same jeans, one in a short length to wear with flats and one in a long to wear with heels. But I bought two pair in the wrong size. I didn't realize until I wore the short pair for a few hours that I bought the wrong size. The next day I threw on my short pair again while at home and, although I decided to exchange the pair not worn, I also found that I was becoming very fond of the pair I had on.

So here's my new fashion philosophy. A woman (sorry men) needs to buy 3 pair of the exact jeans. One in a length that she can wear with flats. One a length to go with heels. And a pair in a short length that is a size too big. The pair in a size too big is, what Maxx titled my "Lazy Fashionista Day Jeans" for days you're lounging at home, or running up to the store and want to by cute but not in sweats. These are the jeans that, when we wear, it's as if we've borrowed our husband's jeans. But better, because I don't know anyone who's husband's jeans would actually fit in any way shape or form. Plus it's always reassuring to wear jeans and be able to tell yourself when you're having a so called 'fat day' "Hey at least I'm not this size".

With every fashion philosophy there comes guidelines. The guideline with this one is simple and as follows:
1. The jeans must be a classic jean. A timeless color and cut. Anyone purchasing jeans from Frederick's of Hollywood that lace up the sides, should be strictly discouraged from following this philosophy. And no lace up the side jeans are NOT timeless.


Noel and Celeste said...

"Lazy Fashionista Day Jeans"... hahahaha! That's great!

So you exchanged the other pair though right? And got a 3rd pair? SJP's stuff rocks huh?

Allison said...

Loved this post!

I think that you must have told Raeshel about your days of writing down what you wore, because she totally did that for awhile in middle/high school! And, I must admit, I started doing it as well...yes, I still do it! Hehe. It's really a great way for me to make sure I wear everything equally and since it's 2 weeks, 2 weeks; then, in a way, it's mathematical on when I'll wear the outfit again (yay for math!). All this time, I had no idea that it was you I learned it from...Hehe!

On another note, I think the 3 pairs of jeans idea is great! I typically buy 2 of the same, but that's because it is so rare that I find a pair of jeans that are long enough I always buy 2 in case it's awhile before I find another pair...Maybe I'll start buying three, hehe!