Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Maxx & Peanut Butter

As many of you know, Maxx & I have a Scottie named Aspen. Several months ago we bought Aspen a Kong and some peanut butter to put into the kong. They make kong treats but pb is about 10 times less expensive. Aspen LOVES this and he wil run into his kennel as soon as he sees you pick up the kong. We could probably have a very well trained dog if we used this method for more than getting him to go into the kennel.

So a few minutes ago Maxx came into the office with a can of peanuts he bought today and said VERY SERIOUSLY . . . "hey J can dogs have peanuts" I looked at him and was thinking "Oh crap, I don't know, I know they can't have onions" Luckily I realized right away but continued looking at him waiting on him to catch on. He only walked back into the living room saying "I don't know if they can or not". At that point I decided to clue him in. . . he told me not to tell anyone.

That's pretty typical of us though and at least it keeps us laughing. If you don't know the ATM story ask.


Jason said...

That's funny. It's even funnier because it took me a minute to figure out why it was funny!! I was sitting here thinking, "She forgot to tell if they can have them or not!" Then the whole Kong intro sunk in.

I'm glad you have a blog. You need to set up a YouTube account now :)

Noel and Celeste said...

A blog!


Noel said...

Hmmm... I'm still not sure if I get it or not.

And, yes, they can have peanuts. Celeste's mom's dog LOVES them!

BexInTheCity said...

that's hilarious. reminds me of calling to ask what kind of beans are in pintos and cheese.