Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our First Blog

We finally have a blog!!! Well actually we finally have internet, cable, and NOW A BLOG. This means that over the past few weeks I've had the luxury of reading Noel & Celeste's, Jason's, and Monica & Ben's blog. I must say that my blogological clock was ticking about a week ago. So tonight I took the plung!! I ran into the living room, actually it was more of a cute dance and after kissing Maxx a few times I looked him into the eyes and said ever so lovingly "Maxx I want a blog".

Although, he was quite shocked at first. . . soon he agreed that he too would enjoy having a little blog to tend too, so here I am. In the office working to get our first blog up and running. Maxx is in the living room enjoying the cable. But isn't that how it is when you're starting any kind of family. (I really don't mean that AT ALL, but I was in the middle of such good flow, I LOVE YOU MAXX.)

I'm very excited about our new blog & hope you all enjoy reading about our not so boring lives that we enjoy leading together.

1 comment:

Noel said...

What a great first post! Funny, punny, and flows! :) Hope you post a bunch! No stress if you don't though.

Love you guys!