Thursday, September 20, 2007


This just occurred to me. Kinda like in a movie when one person knows what's going on and you as the viewer are "in the loop" but the other character doesn't know anything so from their perspective things are really funny to everyone, and again, I quote "in the loop". And Noel and Celeste if you did know this before hand then just make believe that you didn't because it's that imagination whether true or false that really makes this great. Maybe more like a classic episode of Seinfeld.

Yesterday and today were Patient Appreciation Days at the office. This meant yesterday any existing patient could bring in 3 non-parishible food items, to go to the Victory Mission and in turn get a free adjustment (approx a $35 value) today any new patient could bring the same and get a complementary consultation, exam, and any necessary x-rays (at most about a $250 value). We had been promoting this for over a month and while a good day for us is usually seeing 20-30 patients yesterday we saw 71. Each month it's our goal to see 20 new patients and today we beat that by 1. In addition to the complementary treatments we also decorated, had food, there was fun festive music and balloons everywhere, plus at any given time yesterday there were about 5-8 people just kinda hanging out.

In the midst of the celebration yesterday in walk Noel and Celeste. Now I'm just thinking hey there's Noel and Celeste, and although it was one of those moments when you want to say something like "Hey everyone it's Noel and Celeste!" I refrained. They popped in chatted said "Hi" to the Doctor and then left. This was normal for me because I, and if anyone has a different saying let me know, was "in the loop".

Just a few minutes ago it hit me that maybe Noel and Celeste didn't know that we were having Patient Appreciation Days. In that case, which I'm believing is the truth because it makes me laugh, their "out of the loop" movie view would have been something like this:

A hazy dream-like fog fills the screen and we see Noel and Celeste come into view driving from Barnes and Noble north on Glenstone.

Noel "Hey we should stop by and see Janelle at work"
Celeste "That's a great idea babe, let's do it"
Noel "She really likes working there, that's exciting. I really like designing web-sites that's exciting too. Didn't you go to a Chiropractor when you were a cheerleader"
Celeste "Yup, it was great. We should make hummus when we get home"
Noel "Mmmmm hummus. Yeah let's watch some Monk after church also, it's a good Monk day"
(turning into the parking lot)
Celeste "That's a funny roof, 417 should have us write a story on funny roofs we've seen"
Noel "I'll mention it to Greg tomorrow, I bet he'd go for it"
(walking in)
Janelle being surprised "Hey guys what are you doing?"
Noel "My back hurts"
Janelle "Really?"
Noel "No we were just around and thought we'd stop by and say hi"
Janelle "Oh good. Dr Falukos this is my brother"
Dr. Falukos "Hey Noel"
Noel "Hey"
Dr. Falukos "I saw your picture in 417"
Noel "Yeah we're gonna write a story on funny roofs for them"
Dr. Falukos "Mr. Price I'm ready for you"
Noel "Ok I guess we'll see you later"
Janelle "K Love you"
Noel and Celeste "Bye"
Noel "That was kinda like being in a Mexican Restaurant, that was salsa music playing right?"
Celeste "Yeah, I thought maybe I was having a weird dream"
Noel "No wonder Janelle likes her job so much if people just come, hang out and eat cookies and meatballs all day"
Celeste "My chiropractor never had balloon garland hanging everywhere in his office"
Noel "I bet it was Janelle's idea she was probably like 'hey Dr Falukos why don't we hang balloons everywhere and play loud music then we can serve food also".
Celeste "She should really have her own show"
Noel "I'm still excited about hummus"

So little did Noel and Celeste know that much more was going on than me just simply deciding to festive up the office. It was all part of a master plan. A master plan to make people who just walked in question, if only for a moment, "Have I entered the Twilight Zone?"


Noel and Celeste said...

I . . . LOVE . .. IT!!!!!!


Noel said...

That was soooo good! I love how well you capture our conversations. :D

It's like the time Celeste's brother Ryan said, "I bet you guys wake up in the morning and say, 'I love you...', 'I love you too...', 'I love you more...', 'No, I love you more...'" and we started laughing and he looked kind of scared / sick and said, "Do you really say that?!" :D hahahaha

Allison said...

Seriously, Janelle, that was soooo good!! I have not laughed that hard since the FRIENDS episode where Joey tries to learn French. Oh, so funny! And, very well written.