Friday, September 28, 2007

A note to non-enthusists

The following post originally aired on September 27th, 2007. I enjoyed it so much I decided to "Ctrl C" "Ctrl V" it to our blog. (Maxx that's how you copy and paste.) Being as I am the writer I hope no one tries to pin me with plagiarism. For those of you who have read it a new one's on the way, for those of you who haven't there's still time to shop for a costume, or at the least start planning for next year.

The grand old time of year we like to call Halloween is quickly approaching and I would like to take a moment to address the rather small group of people who find it necessary to purchase a $10 t-shirt that says “I don’t do costumes”.

I realize that you probably fall into a “group” of social friends who may agree with you this holiday is one you outgrew once your parents quit dressing you. However you view yourself, whether it be skater, preppy, goth, nerd, loner, busy working mom, real estate pro, business entrepreneur or one of the other labels amongst the myriad of choices I have a what may be shocking announcement for you. Here goes:

If Halloween comes and you are not in costume we (the rest of the world) will know by the fact that you are not in costume that you “don’t do costumes”. It’s that simple, you can now feel free to take the $10 and put it towards a pocket protector, new stickers for your skate board, business card magnets (free @, or just get an iced breve from Starbucks and sit back watching the rest of us have fun.

See it’s that simple after all those of us who do dress up on Halloween don’t feel the need to go out and buy a t-shirt that states “I do costumes” which we would then wear over our costume. That would be pointless so why do the opposite?

One last note & this is how we really get you. One definition of the word “costume” is: a set of garments selected for wear at a single time; AH-HA, so this t-shirt that you’re buying to wear on Halloween is in turn what you dread the most A COSTUME!! How do you like that for your burgers? If it fits the requirements flip it over and start grilling. Hopefully the t-shirt designers will make one that says “I don’t do costumes, except for this shirt which I bought only for this evening making it a costume, so next year I should really put more thought to it like the Green Giants do”

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